Kibuye Hope Hospital

Since January, $3,500 dollars have been sent to Kibuye Hope Hospital (KHH) in Burundi for the training of five community eye technicians. The technicians began their training with two weeks of foundational eye care training at Kibuye Hope Hospital from Dr. John Cropsey and one week of hands-on training with Dr. Levi Kandeke’s eye team at the University of Bujumbura Medical Center. In July, the technicians also received ten days of surgical training from Joyce Rotich, a visiting surgical technician from Tenwek Hospital, Kenya.

The program director, Dr. John Cropsey, informs us that KHH’s ophthalmic surgical capacity has doubled since the start of the training and that the organization and sterilization systems of the OR are significantly more efficient. In December, Richard Tonui, the head of community eye outreach at Tenwek, plans to visit KHH to begin the hands-on community outreach training. The staff will learn how to implement the foundational knowledge they have attained thus far in community eye care screenings.