Compassion Evangelical Hospital

Our first project supported the nursing program at Compassion Evangelical Hospital in Guinea, West Africa. Many African hospitals have a need for trained nurses, but lack the financial backing to fulfill the need. CEH needed $714 to finish paying for the expenses of the third of three students chosen for a nursing scholarship program this fall. Through the generosity of those attending the launch event in August, more than double this amount has been given to finish funding this year’s program. The extra funds from the event have been dedicated to the program for future scholarships. This will pay the necessary tuition, a small living allowance, and the cost of books for students in a three-year nursing program.  In exchange for their education, nurses agree to serve three years with the hospital upon completion of their degree.

Unfortunately, due to political unrest in Guinea, the government has not accepted new students to the nursing school this year. 2nd year students have been awarded the scholarship instead; their bios will be coming shortly!

Compassion Evangelical Hospital

Compassion Evangelical Hospital,

launch 5

Dr. Phil Fischer speaking at the launch of the SAHARA PRoject